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Welcome to Medreapers!

In this section you will find the essentials to familiarize yourselves with the basics of being a MedReaper. 



MedReapers is an organization that specializes in Search and Rescue Operations. It is important to note that we are not an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider, and any comparison to such services is not an accurate representation of our capabilities. We are also not affiliated with any government agency or faction, however, we may enter into contracts with them occasionally. 

As a private corporation, our loyalty lies with our paying clients. Therefore, it is important that all members of MedReapers communicate in a professional and courteous manner.

While we recognize that Star Citizen is a game, we understand that real life can bring its own challenges. We are committed to supporting its members and creating a welcoming environment for all. Our aim is not to simply be another group within the game, but to foster a sense of camaraderie and create a sense of belonging for all members. We strive to be a band of brothers, a family where everyone feels at home."



MedReapers empowers its members to operate in the manner that they see fit. However, we expect all members to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity, both within the organization and when interacting with private clients. Toxic or hateful behavior will not be tolerated. As members, it is your responsibility to uphold the image of the organization and to communicate with professionalism and respect. While we encourage our members to embrace the fearless and badass attitude of special ops medical agents, this should not come at the expense of respectful and professional communication. All members are expected to conduct themselves on "Spectrum" and other social spaces, such as Reddit, Instagram, or Facebook, as if they are under the watchful eye of the MedReaper moderators.



MedReapers respects the autonomy of its members and will never force them to adhere to specific uniform or function requirements.


However, we recognize that appearance and image are important factors in being recognized within the game. Therefore, we encourage members to wear the official MedReaper colors of black armor core/legs with red arms.


This will be mandatory for marketing events and large-scale contracts, but voluntary for all other situations. Outside of these occasions, members are free to choose gear that is appropriate for the success of the mission.



MedReapers has Five(5) tiers of ranks within the organization, but all members are encouraged to participate in decision-making processes that affect the entire group. Each member, regardless of rank, is entitled to one vote on such matters. The Board of Directors reserves the right to veto any decisions in the event of disputes or lack of agreement.


  • Executive: They direct and guide the organization

  • Directors: Lead positions in charge of deparments

  • Officers: Members with specialized tasks

  • Captains: Medreapers in charge of a team's Operations

  • MedReapers: The core members of the org.



Strike teams are emergency response units within the organization, consisting of three to five members including a pilot, security team, and medical specialists. Any MedReaper can create their team, as long as it includes a minimum of three members. These teams will be provided with their own channel and full administrative rights.


  • Pilot:  Pilots serve as the primary transportation and defense for team members. They must navigate quickly and handle any threats, as well as provide support for team members on the ground during operations.

  • Security Specialists: The security team is responsible for securing landing zones, engaging hostile aggressors, and protecting medical technicians. They ensure the safety and success of each mission.

  • Medical Technicians: Provide emergency medical care in high-stress, potentially dangerous environments.


We adopt a hands-off approach to team management. This means that you are free to operate your team in the way that best suits your needs and style, as long as the client is successfully rescued and team members' actions do not reflect poorly on the organization. We trust in the abilities of our teams and support their unique approaches to missions.

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