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We'll be there

We'll be there

Search and Rescue
You can count on.

WHat is Medreaper

What is MedReaper?

MedReaper provides medical, paramedical and extraction services across the galaxy.  MedReaper don't play politics, they don't ask questions. Our medics make MedReapers more than an industry leader - we are the gold standard for reliable medical solutions for the most demanding of customers. 


Why Choose MedReapers

Why Choose MedReapers

Trust in our Services

When in-game medical beacons are  used anyone in the system may pick it

up. With our MedReaper dispatch system, you know that you will get a specially trained medical team to assist you. 

The Client Comes First. 

When you call upon the help of a Medreaper team, you can be assured that you, the client, will be their first priority. Their Primary Directive is "The Client Comes First, No Exceptions" 

We help everyone

Availability of Medreaper Services will never be dependent on your Social or Political status. A MedReaper has taken an oath of never refusing a contract, no matter how dangerous it is *.  If you make the call, someone is already on the way. 



MedReapers services do not depend on hard triggers like government-issued evacuation mandates or restricted zones to act on behalf of our members. 

There are also no subscriptions or costs associated with holding and maintaining membership. Each call is individually priced moments after it's received. 

Become a MedReaper

Are you interested in joining our ranks as a medical professional? Does this sound like your type of medical org? Click the button below to enroll or simply wish to find out more by talking to our Medreapers administrative personnel. 

Become a MedReaper

  • How do I call for help?
    By pressing the big red button at the top of the page "Call for Help", it will direct you to our discord server where the dispatch service will request and assign an "on duty" team to assist you.
  • Are your services free?
    During the current alpha testing up until a proper economy is introduced in the game, our services will be free of charge. However we do accept donations to help pay for replacing our armours, and purchase ammunition.
  • Why would we chose you over an in-game beacon?
    When you send a distress call (beacon), anyone can grab and get your location. They might not have your best intentions and can take advantage of your misfortune, kill you and steal your armor and run away with your ship. With our dispatch service, you are garanteed that you will get a team specialized in search & rescue as well as extractions.
  • Why would we chose you over an another medical org?
    We have 3 policies that differentiate us from the other orgs. We don't refuse contracts; criminal or law enforcement, civilian or military, faction member or government official. We will take that contract and get you to safety. We will shoot first ask questions later. The client's life has priority over our own.
  • Can I become a MedReaper?
    Yes, Click here and submit your application to be reviewed by our recruiter. During that time you may chat and ask any questions you may have about the functioning of the org and its members.
  • Does your organization only recruit experienced players?
    We welcome all players, regardless of skill level or experience, to apply to join MedReapers. Even if you are new to the game or consider yourself to be a rookie, you are welcome to join us. By participating in rescue missions with our strike teams, you will gain valuable experience in both the game and the medical aspect of the game. As a decentralized organization, we do not place emphasis on certifications, but rather focus on in-field experience and learning. By joining MedReapers, you will have the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional player.
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