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Organization Structure

Meet The Founders

These are the MedReapers that are considered "The Executives" and are responsible for driving the org forward according to their vision. 

The Executives

Chief Executive Officer: Manages and directs the org toward its primary goals and objectives.

Chief Operations Officer: Develop strategies to keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly

Chief Financial Officer: Treasurer in charge of tracking UEC cash flow and managing org assets. 

Chief Communications Officer: Maintain the Image and flow of communication within the org. 


Board of Directors

Director of Business Development: 

Member responsible for strategic growth and recruitment

Director of Marketing

Member responsible for implementing, and managing marketing strategies to promote products and services.

Director of Finance
Member responsible for overseeing financial operations and strategies. 

Director of Technologies

Member responsible for overseeing all technological aspects of the org

Director of Public Relations

Member responsible for managing and overseeing  public image and communications activities.

Director of Field Operations

Member responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations in various in-game and ensures that they align with the company's overall strategy and objectives.

Members assigned to be the right and left hand of the director, to help execute decisions made by the board of directors


Captains: Lead, Develop and implement the Extraction Team’s operation policies and guides.

Foremans: Lead a sub-division of the org responsible of manufacturing and development of org assets and resources. 

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As the core members of our organization, the MedReapers are essential to our success. They are the backbone of our team, and their hard work and determination allow us to fulfill our mission of providing medical care and assistance in the verse. These are the players who are willing to risk their own lives to ensure that our missions are completed to the best of our ability, and they deserve recognition for their selflessness and bravery. They are the real heroes of the MedReaper organization, and we are deeply grateful for their contributions.

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